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Welcome to Utopia Rising!

Welcome to Utopia Rising! Take a look around, check out the basic information of the site or chat with in the chat box below!

Disclaimer: This site is an 18+ (Mature) role playing site. You must be 18 years or older to play here. This site may contain mature content and you are responsible for the content you view.

The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

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 New Player Guide to Starting Out, Very Handy!!
Jun 2 2012, 06:59 AM
played by Ava who is Offline
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First let us, the staff team, welcome you to Utopia Rising! We hope to provide you with the opportunity for some fun role play! We like to live by the motto that when you are having fun everyone has fun! Now on to beginning your role play!

If you find anything confusing or have any suggestions please let us know! It is often through positive feedback that we are able to improve the site!

First, if you have not read the plot then I would suggest doing so now. You can find our plot thread here.
  • Create/Register an OOC (Out of Character) account.

  • Then post here. Use the OOC Registration Form found here when submitting your post.
Next is a general guideline that is designed to help your role play experience and knowledge of our site. We are a unique and original role play site and our races/creatures are custom so there may be a good amount of reading when it comes to some of them. You should check out:Next you probably want to start to get an idea for what kind of character you will want, if you don’t have an idea already. We have several different races here for you to play. Check them and more information out here:Hopefully, you’ve come out of that a little more informed, creative and inspired than you were before. We know it’s a lot of information but remember that we are always here to help you! If you have any questions at any point please feel free to ask either in a PM or in the C-Box.
  • Once you have decided what type of character you want create/register a player account
  • Next, fill out an Original Character Application or a Canon Character Application

  • If you are posting your application but are not quite done with it yet then please put (WIP), for work in progress, in the title of your application post. You can bump the thread only once after you have completed it.

  • All applications should be posted here.
Once you have posted your application then you are all set! Don’t forget to check back with the application thread or your PMs, for anything we would like to see corrected or explained in your application before approval. Hopefully, this helps you a bit as a fresh new player and don’t worry we don’t expect anyone to know or even remember all of our procedures. If we need you to do something we will give you a friendly instruction to do so. smile.gif Again, any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact us or use the c-box. smile.gif

Instruction on Subaccounts:

At Utopia Rising we use the wonderful subaccount option that JCink offers. It easily organizes all your accounts under your first or main account. You will add a subaccount each time you make a new character. So please make sure all your character accounts are subaccounts of your OOC account. I know what you’re thinking; Oh great more work!! Don’t worry!! It is fast and easy!! Here is how:
  • Create an account like you would any account (making sure you are logged out of any account you are in) click on the “Register” link at the top of the forums.

  • Once you have done that log out of the account and log into your OOC account

  • At the top of the boards just under the banner click on “My Controls”

  • Under the left side “Menu” click on “Edit Sub-Accounts”

  • A list will show up of all your subaccounts. Underneath that list is a section entitled “Link an existing account”

  • Type in the user name exact and the account password for that account and then click “Link this Account”

  • Then that’s it! You’re done! Unless, you typed in the username or password wrong you are all set and ready to go!
To access your subaccount you should first log in to your OOC account and under the "Quick Log-In" section in the sidebar you will see the "Switch Account" drop-down box. Click the down arrow and your subaccounts will appear. Then just choose the one you want!

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