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The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

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 The Plot
May 28 2012, 09:59 PM
played by Ava who is Offline
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The Plot
The current year is 2019 and the world is pretty much as it appears to be to everyone. Yet beyond the veil of human society lies another world, one full of supernatural creatures that have chosen to remain hidden from the majority of the human world, only a few groups of humans know of the existence of supernatural creatures and even fewer know the extent of such creatures.

A fierce clandestine war has been fought for years between those humans in government and hate groups that have learned of one such supernatural race called Broods. Broods are a cat shape shifting race with psionic abilities, they are extremely war-like but have an honor bound society. Their race is made up of Broods from all over the world but currently reside on an island hidden from the human world with the power of their psionics.

It was the Broods that discovered the alternate world of Utopia, it was they that resided there for a time, retreating from Earth to escape the eternal conflict with the humans that knew of them. But for reasons known only to the ruling Broods they returned to Earth and brought their relations with elves, half-elves, werewolves, and other magical creatures with them. Settling back on their Caribbean island there are now whispers and rumors of magic returning to Earth; of the King of the Broods, Darien Garcia and his one-time Mistresses, Natalia Azikova giving birth to twins, Lugh and Morrigan; that hold the key to the magic slowly returning. These twin brood infants possess not just psionic abilities but magical ones as well and pose a great threat to the humans they are at war with.

Mystery, intrigue, violence and schemes are ripe and rampant with so many factions, races and prejudices running around. It’s all a part of the setting of Utopia Rising!

Rumors and whispers of magic is flowing to more and more human ears. Tales of supernatural and downright magical occurrences are finding their way to Brood and Human ears alike. For the Broods, werewolves and others aligned against Mages it is troubling for that means Shadow Mages found their way to Earth, for Humans it is fantastical and curious; but could it be real?! Can the Broods stop the Mages from gaining a foothold on Earth? Or will the Shadow Mages ultimately corrupt Earth as they did Utopia?

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