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The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

Willow Grove
 Played by   Kuot  who is Offline
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Mother ~ Norma Grove~ Werewolf ~ Deceased
Father ~ Unknown ~ Werewolf ~ Unknown
Friend ~ Chace Everett ~ Human ~ Living

Character History:

Willow was born in Bronx, New York. She was a happy pup living the good life with her mother. Willow’s mother was a decedent of the free wolves that broke off from the shadow mages. The young girl never found out who her father was or if he was still alive, according to her mother he was a fierce man. Truth was that her father serves as the Shadow Mages. Willow’s mother never mentioned of Shadow Mages and never wanted her to know of them.

When Willow was eight she found out that her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Spending every moment with her mother and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Six months later her mother passed away in her sleep. The young werewolf pup was alone, her mother was an only child and Willow has no idea of who her father was. She had no relatives and was forced into foster care. In the foster home of these so-called “guardians” weren’t the most pleasant couple. In particularly the husband who if someone spoke out or start trouble were beaten. However what Willow feared most about him was his twisted sick mind. The pup sometimes would get stuck with him as he took some of the selective girls to “play”. She tried running away but ended up getting back in his arms. Other than the pig, the other kids in the foster home were decent except for one boy name Timmy Grey, bully and a creep. Always made sure to torment her life.

This went on for five years when she turns thirteen, she shifted into a wolf when a disgusting man wanted to “play” she had enough of his sick games and attacked him. Living on her own Willow stole clothes, food (although when shifted it was rabbits and other easy to catch animals), anything to survive. She never felt so alone and living out in on her own made her lugubrious. Cutting herself in her mind was the pain reliever. One day she was introduced to a graffiti gang, ended up loving her art out in the open. So instead of cutting, she began tagging. Cops would catch her at the scene most of the time, although she is called “the runaway” as every time she ran way they never could catch nor find her. Willow would shift into a wolf when not seen by the cops as she was being chased.

Her life changed when Chace Everett popped into the picture, she moved down to Florida with Everett after getting used to his company. Everett convinced her that she could do so much with her life. It took some time for the young woman to get used to Everett. Willow started training and observing during missions. She saw broods the same way as she looked at herself, a person who shifts with exception of higher power. However, she’s still new to brood hunting, in a way it felt kind of natural. Willow became more intrigued each mission, and having Everett in her life made her feel important. She didn’t know if Everett knew of her being a werewolf, but it didn’t matter, in time he will find out sooner or later.

Now a recruit to Los Nueves training hard and living in a home where Willow felt safe, for once she was happy.


Speed/agility: For being a werewolf, it has its moments where if she was running from police she would always outrun them.
The sense of Smell and hearing: Again a werewolf thing
Determination: Normally Willow will never give up on anything.
Weaknesses: These can be physical, mental or emotional. Please list at least three.
Feeling overpowered: Willow is like a puppy once someone is bigger and tougher than her she will run away with her tail between her legs.
Fires: Has a phobia of fire, she envisions herself being surrounded by fire.
Arrogant: Sometimes her arrogance tends to get the best of her.
Feeling trapped
Likes: What does your character like? Explain briefly and explain why. Please list at least three.
Graffiti: Loves to go out and find a blank wall that is in need of a new look.
French Toast
Meat…when she can afford it.
Hanging out in old abandon places
Hanging out at night.
Reading (preferable Edgar Allen Poe)
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Explain briefly and explain why. Please list at least three.
Foster Care
Pet Names
Being called a child/kid


Willow stands about five feet and seven inches tall. Her body is well tone as she likes to run a lot. Especially at night. Willow has light blonde wavy hair that goes past her shoulders and light blue eyes. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, and if anything she will put on eyeliner and mascara.

Her clothes choices can vary. She likes to dress edge and punkish. Sometimes even a little casual meets modern clothing. However, her to goes are mostly ripped skinny jeans. Shirts are normally loose over the shoulder or ripped. She prefers leather boots than high heels.

The only distinguishing feature that sticks out is her eyes when she shifts to a wolf her eyes are bright and pale blue. She has a lot of scaring on both wrists.


She is a werewolf. Willow can shift at any time. However, she is forced to shift under a full moon.
Defensive Techniques
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Player Notes

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  Recruit in Los Nueves
  May 15 2018, 08:34 PM
   Store Points: 98
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