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The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

Alieria Spellsong
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Adopted Mother ~ Lily Grasano ~ Human ~ Deceased
Adopted Father ~ Vincent Grasano ~ Human ~ Deceased
Adopted Sister ~ Roseanna Grasano ~ Human ~ Deceased
Adopted Uncle ~Anthony Grasano ~ Human ~ Living
Adopted Uncle (Jane’s father) ~ Paul Grasano ~ Human ~ Deceased
Adopted Cousin ~ Jane Grasano ~ Human ~ Living
Adopted Nephew (Jane’s son) ~ Jarod Grasano ~ (Secret for now) ~ Living
Husband/Consort ~ Alias Magebane ~ Half-elf ~ Living

Alieria was born in the upper Appalachian Mountains in 1975 to two Broods Anne and David Foster. They weren’t part of a pride or tribe of Broods and were mostly on their own. She was just a young cub/infant when her parents were killed one night when her father had gone out to hunt and was shot by human hunters. When the body reverted back to its human form they were frightened and ran away. Her mother, charged with protecting her, went on the move to avoid the hunters and move away from the area to avoid any sort of hostility from the hunters. Yet before she could make it far enough she encountered a group humans that had been rallied to kill any remaining large cats in the forests where they had been living. She tried to act casual and pass herself off as a human, but the humans were suspicious of her being alone in the forest with an infant child. Realizing she couldn’t get out of the situation without conflict she ran, seeing no other alternative with the infant Alieria. She was quite quick and cunning and quickly outpaced the hunters but eventually took its toll on her. She became weak from exertion and lack of food before finding some campers on a weekend retreat. In an act of pure desperation she approached the campsite at night and left Alieria by the dying embers of the campfire, a small note begging them not to report her infant to anyone and to raise as their own. Doing everything she could for Alieria she then made her way far from the campsite to throw off her pursuers and eventually was caught and killed.

Thus began her life being raised by human parents, Lily and Vincent Grasano. They named her Alice, not knowing her real name and raised her as their own. They were from New York City and she grew up and went to school there. Not too long after bringing Aleiria home they had a daughter of their own yet their love for her didn’t wane.

The dark side of her human family existed on her adopted father’s side with her Uncle. Her Uncle Tony had mob connections and even ran a small crew himself. He moved up in the ranks of that underground world and made many enemies; particularly within his own ranks due to his ambition.

She was seventeen when her family’s home was invaded by Tony’s rivals within the family he worked for. She and her sister were tortured and raped while they executed her adopted parents. They soon killed her sister and tried to kill her when her untrained psionic ability exploded. As a result of the trauma of the rape she entered her Shadow for a brief time and ended up killing the police officers that came to respond to the scene. As it stands today Alice Grasano is still sought as a person of interest in the case as her body was never found.

She wandered in the Shadow of her mind after that and unconsciously made her way to her cousin’s house. She and her cousin, Jane Grasano, had always been close, she was the daughter of different Uncle on her adopted father’s side and she her cousin and her sister often spent the summers together. Somehow Jane managed to coax Alieria out of her Shadow but her mind was still very fragile. Jane harbored Alieria in her apartment as the police looked for her, being a couple years older than Alieria and had already moved out on her own when she went to college.

Several years passed and it was during this time that she met Dominic DeLucente and everything changed for her. He had already brought the broods together and he extended her the offer to come live with them. She was torn between wanting to know more about her own people and living with her cousin, however, she ended up feeling a connection with Dominic and made the decision to go with him. They soon developed a romantic relationship and were happy for a couple years.

Then one day Alieria found out some outrageous and disturbing information about Dominic, it was so horrendous that at first she denied that it was true, but in reading his mind she eventually had to admit the truth of it. (I know what this is and it is significant however, I am choosing to keep it a mystery). In an unprecedented at she challenged Dominic to an honor challenge to the death, claiming that he had wronged her and while it was a bloody battle she ended up winning and killed him in a rage. During the battle she slipped in and out of her Shadow, going nearly insane. Once the battle was over it was Darien Garcia, then only a lesser General of the Castle Guard, that cared for her and made sure she was well. In Dominic’s will he clearly named Alieria as his successor and she assumed the throne.

Her first act was to promote Darien to High General of the Armies and sought to improving the opportunities for the brood auguries whom there were still few of at that time. She and Darien soon began a romantic relationship that lasted for several years before fizzling out. When the town of Caracal was attacked and decimated by the newly fractured Perla del Norte, that became known as Luchadores Libertad, she met a young girl named Kanoni, whose family was already slaughtered by the Brood Hunters. She was powerful in the mind abilities of psionics and she with the help of Tessa O’Rourke managed to save the girl, but not without great cost to herself. She ended up weakening her mind for several weeks after that.

It was clear from the beginning that Tessa gravitated towards Kanoni and took her under her wing. She developed a fondness for the girl and when the day came when Kanoni was accepted into the newly formed augury branch of the brood military Tessa was the happiest person there, which is unlike her.

A day came when Alieria, with much hesitation had to ask Kanoni to go undercover to root out a potential threat on the continent of Africa in Somalia. They had gained some intelligence that the Brood Hunters were expanding to that region. It was extremely dangerous with little chance of survival and Alieria knew it. Tess was furious at Alieria and thus began the rift between them. Kanoni, wanting to do her duty and kill some Brood Hunters in the process, accepted. It indeed was dangerous in which Kanoni came back barely alive, but she had accomplished what no one thought possible and had eradicated the Brood Hunter threat in Somalia.

That decision always weighed heavily upon Alieria and so that coupled with the constant battles fought between Brood and Brood Hunter was the basis for her decision to relocate to Utopia. No one is quite sure how Alieria knew of Utopia (there is a story behind this and a reason of which I am keeping secret), however it seemed to many Broods that their Queen was running from their problems, something that was simply unheard of in their culture and she became quite unpopular among many brood circles.

On Utopia, the broods soon found more enemies with which to fight; the Shadow Mages. The Mages had already enslaved the indigenous race of Elves on the main Continent of Lekian with most Elves living in hiding. When the broods arrived it gave the elven resistance hope.

It wasn’t long before the Broods began to gain ground in the war and liberated several Elven villages, it was during this time that she first met Alias Magebane, a brooding half-elf that hated the mages and hunted him. He had a keen mind for killing and so she recruited him and his companions to carry out a clandestine mission to liberate the bastions of occupied elven cities in the South. She also noticed he did not have a wariness about him when dealing with her mind abilities and when she showed him her full capabilities he didn’t fear her for it. Her growing loneliness seemed gone with him around and she developed a deep love for him and he her.

Alias and his companions eventually did liberate those cities and pushed the mages back into their barren lands in the Southern half of the Lekian continent on Utopia and a couple years later signed a peace treaty with the broods. In exchange for peace the Mages agreed not to occupy an Elven cities, towns or dwellings and also not to seek out and capture any freeborn Elves. They however, did not agree to give up the slaves they already had, and the treaty was seen with mixed reviews.

The Elves, now considering themselves free soon became wary of the Broods and began to see them as interlopers to always meddle in their affairs. Alieria ended up stepping down as Queen and giving up her title to Darien who took the Broods back to Earth, but allowed those who wished to stay on Utopia to stay as well as leaving key groups of Broods behind to protect their interests.

After stepping down as Queen, Alieria served as the Brood Ambassador to the Empire of Bedingham; a non-Shadow Mage, human empire on the Island Continent of Jadale. She served thus for some time before moving stepping back and allowing the role to be assumed by others.

Currently it is assumed Alieria is living on Utopia, however she has the means and capabilities to come and go from Utopia to Earth as she pleases and is often seen at her house in Delman.


Alieria is generally a positive person, yet she carries a burden of knowledge and still feels the responsibilities of her people despite having given up leadership to Darien some years ago. She will do anything and sacrifice anything for the betterment of her people. Having been the leader of her people she has had to make many sacrifices and compromises with others, thus she is more tolerant of humans than most Broods. She sees the hatred of both sides and knows the violence will never end unless the hatred goes away. Yet she intensely dislikes Brood Hunters and will kill them without a second thought if need be. She can be cold and calculating when she needs to be. She often feels alone, set apart from others because of the high level of psionic ability that she has that most others can be afraid of, even Broods, if they see the full depth of her ability.

Strengths: These can be physical, mental or emotional. Please list at least three.

Augury Abilities – Her biggest strength is her psionic abilities
Determination – Alieria is willing to sacrifice anything for her people, she has often had to make hard choices in the past not just for others but for herself.
Diplomacy – She often works well when brokering deals and being tactful

Weaknesses: These can be physical, mental or emotional. Please list at least three.

Do to trauma in her past she often cannot stand sexual deviants. She will go out of her way to kill and torture them.
Shadow Mages – She hates them. They infuriate her and she often becomes enrages around them.
Augury Abilities – Both a strength and a weakness it is because of her powerful abilities that she feels distanced from others without them. She feels alone and isolated, except when in the company of Alias, Alcina or other powerful auguries.

Likes: What does your character like? Explain briefly and explain why. Please list at least three.

Expensive balls, parties and affairs of state – She thrives during them often using diplomacy to clinch relations with others
Relaxing with a nice massage or hot bubble bath
Anything romantic
Watching movies

Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Explain briefly and explain why. Please list at least three.

Shadow Mages, as explained above.
Sexual deviants, as explained above.
Nothing really annoys her more than wise cracks at her expense
Obvious and conceited tomcats – Kayless often shivers at the memory of the time he hit on her and thought he could get her in his bed.
Conceited people in general


Face Claim: Sandra Bullock
Race: Brood

Alieria is approximately five foot seven inches or 1.71 meters tall and weighs anywhere between 115 pounds to 120 pounds depending on her diet at the time. She has long brown hair that reaches past her shoulders and piercing green eyes. She can be quite intimidating when she wants to be, despite her sweet girl appearance. She dresses in just about anything from t-shirt and jeans to designer clothes and expensive ball gowns for state functions. She has some military training from Darien and keeps in shape by doing those routines and workouts.


Being an augury, Alieria has access to the higher Brood psionic powers. She is particularly fond of telekintetic blasts, teleportation, mind manipulation and telekinetic shielding.

Typically shifts into a black panther, though she does use a wide variety of cats including, lion, house cat, and puma.
Augury, Military
Leader (Politician)
No Information


Not a lot

Making a rape victim "like" their rape and/or "like" their attacker during or afterwards. Not really a trigger, it will just make me hostile.

Spiders... maybe... describing isn't so bad, so I guess its not a trigger.

Player Notes

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