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The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

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 Quintus Julius Gallienus, Canon Character
Nov 25 2016, 02:31 AM
played by who is Offline
   10 posts      Human: Shadow Mage                    
{Quintus Julius Gallienus }
Canon Character Application

|  Character Biography  |

QUOTE (Ava @ Jun 9 2012, 07:23 AM)
{Quintus Julius Gallienus}

user posted image

|  General Information  |

Race: Human, Shadow Mage
Title or position: Blue robe with silver trim
Gender: Male
Broods only: N/A
Skills: Magic User; Arcane Specialist (Working on Shadow Magic, remainder: 35 pts)
Magical Abilities: Typical Shadow Mage magic, specializes in Summoning , Shadow Manipulation and minor in Necromancy
Age: 23
Age Appearance: Early Twenties
Sexuality: Heterosexual

|  Description  |

Play by: James Mcavoy
General Description Quintus has longer brown hair that comes to about his shoulders, though he does wear it in several different styles and has even been known to cut it from time to time.  He has kind soft brown eyes that betray his devious nature.  His face also looks empathetic and sympathetic of which he uses to his advantage.  He stands at about five foot seven inches tall and weighs a little under a hundred and fifty pounds.  He is quiet and unassuming and generally won’t speak up unless it’s important, this way he stays out of the line of sight of other ambitious mages. 

|  Personality  |

General Personality: Quintus has a practical nature and he often uses his kind-looking  features to his best advantage and throw off his enemies.  He can seem kind and friendly and quite unlike a Shadow Mage at times, though usually it is only to gain some sort of knowledge or upper hand.  He lacks the utter depravity of most of his Mage colleagues but manages to hold his own and keep his own personal thoughts and feelings to himself.  He is a survivor, first and foremost.

|  Family & Friends  |

Character's Family: Please list all relevant family members and use the format below.
Mother ~ Claudia Gaius~ Shadow Mage~ Deceased
Father ~ Gaius Marius Gallienus~ Shadow Mage~ Living
Sister ~ Flavia Sabina Gallienus~ Shadow Mage~ Deceased

Character History: Quintus was born in the capitol of the Shadow Mage Empire.  He was the youngest, having only one older sister before him.  He learned early on to stay out from under foot and not gain enough attention to be part of anyone’s schemes or furthering of their own goals.  This left him free to study the magical arts himself with the help of his tutor. 

He grew fascinated with the art of Shadow Manipulation and Summoning, and enjoyed these topics very much.  His tutor also specialized in these magics as well and thus Quintus was content for many years. 

One day during his studies he hear a loud explosion and rushing to see what it was he came upon much destruction, smoke and the lifeless body of his older sister.  She laid outside of their father’s casting room and in the doorway stood her father, magical energy swarming around him.  Claiming she had tried to kill him to take over his prestige and power his father turned and barely gave his sister any further thought except to order the slaves to drag her body from the house and through it in the endless pits near the Emperor’s Castle.  Such was what he had to accept and he made sure to be quite unassuming from that point on.

The need to kill his mentor only came when his mentor, old and paranoid came to think that Quintus was out to get him, when in truth Quintus loved to learn and would have been content for many more years and desired to be unassuming.  His mentor attacked him and he was forced to kill him for self-defense.  Quick to capitalize on this, however, he made it look as if he had taken the initiative to kill his mentor and inherit his slaves.  Of which he did, which included several exotic elves.  He earned his blue with silver trimmed robes for this.

Yet with his newfound recognition came the worried glances and looks from his father, his scheming mind now turned on him.  Desiring to not end up like his sister he jumped at any chance to be away from his house and when he heard of the plot to infiltrate Earth he wanted in.  Despite his young age he managed to be approved to go to Earth based on his ability to stay hidden, unassuming and not so noticeable, which was something the Mages desired on Earth where the Broods were starting to suspect. 

He worships Claudia, The Unseen, and currently resides in Bogota, Columbia. 

((**Anyone wanting to play Quintus can expand on his description, personality and history, if desired**))

|  Your Credentials  |

OOC Name: Havoc

Previous characters: Alias Magebane / Zxerth Godwin / Chico / Mathew Buchanan / Takesi Kamura

Have you read the rules?: Yes

Species knowledge: Shadow Mages are humans who are adept in the manipulation of the Arcane. They come from a home world destroyed by their constant bid for power. With no where left to them they gated into the world of utopia and set their sights on dominating the local Elven population. Only the Arrival of the Broods as they left earth prevented their conquest. With the withdrawal of the Broods back to Earth they Shadow Mages followed looking for another world to subjugate.

How often would you be able to post?: three times a week or so

Do you foresee any reason where you might not be able to post for an extended period of time?: nope

Canon Reviews - Do you agree to the canon review rules listed here?: Yes

Demonstrate your knowledge of the character's personality:
Strengths: These can be physical, mental or emotional.  Please list at least three.
  • Magic specialist - Summoning , Shadow Manipulation and minor in Necromancy
  • Adaptability – Open minded he has a knack for blending in with his environment.
  • Photogenic memory - he has the ability tp recall either written word or a scene as long as he has a moment to relax and fix it in his memory
Weaknesses: These can be physical, mental or emotional.  Please list at least three.
  • Arachnophobia – He has an irrational fear of spider no matter their size or lethality.
  • Sentimentality - Ordinarily not a weakness except among the vicious in fighting that is Shadow Mage society
  • Vanity – Despite his lack of the self-centered egotism that plagues most Shadow Mage he still succumbs to a need to be and look the best.
Likes: What does your character like? Explain briefly and explain why.  Please list at least three.
  • Old black and white movies. Humphrey Bogart is a personal favorite with John Wayne a close second
  • Pizza – What more is there to say.
  • Night Clubs – Once introduced to the dance club scene he makes a point to visit them once a week at least.
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Explain briefly and explain why.  Please list at least three.
  • Conflict – While he has proven to himself and others that he can do what must be done he has no stomach for the constant infighting among is fellow Mages preferring the relative peace he has found on Earth
  • Mentoring – As a part of his duties on Earth he has taken several local Shamen in as apprentices. To his surprise he has learned to love the companionship built through teaching.
  • Heights – This includes flight which leaves him an emotional wreck when it comes to travel via the mundane use of planes or helicopters. If given a choice he would rather catch a train, bus or cab. If the option is available he would of course prefer to teleport.
Role Play Sample Freedom … it was a concept he had little hope of ever experiencing. From afar it would appear to others that his status among his people would have equated to some semblance of it but he soon discovered that with elevated status came ever increasing restrictions. He was of low enough status to still be required to give acquiescence to those above him as well as the gods while high enough to attract the attention of those beneath him who would take his place by fair means or foul. It was the Shadow Mage way to take power and hold it through guile and skill. Rank was never given or simply awarded.

Ironically even if you appeared to be uninterested in advancement as he had it mattered little. In his case, he had been content to practice and study the beauty and majesty of the Arcane Weave. He would have been content with his lot in life waiting for his mentor to grow older and feeble before he reluctantly took his place. By his estimation, he should have had another decade at least. His timetable, however, had been cut short by a ruthless underling who had a plan. He had refused her advances knowing full well that her ruthless nature would mean the death of him. His Mentor, however, was vulnerable to her advances. The death of his mate some seven years prior had left him diminished in status and without a partner he could trust to have his back.

Perched on the balcony outside his sitting room in Bogota with his sandaled feet crossed at the knee and a sweet concoction of coconut milk, pineapple and tequila over ice in his hand he remembered it like it was yesterday. He had warned the aging man that she would prove the death of him but with the hard bodied woman's scent still clinging to his robes, there was little room in his sex-besotted brain for logic. In truth he had barely escaped the trap she set for him. Her beauty and whiles made for an intoxicating combination. If she could be trusted to remain loyal to the marriage contract she would prove an advantageous partner to any man. Such a marriage would bring the advancement most sought. Most but not him. He was less ambitious being content with his research and experimentation.

A sad sigh escaped him as he recalled the argument that had followed his words of warning. The table had been set that morning and their fates woven. A whisper here and an insinuation there as the elder man lay content in her web had poisoned the bond they had shared. Gone as the long discussions beside a fire as the sipped drinks. In their place came a series of edicts and commands that placed him in ever increasing danger. When he survived each such trap her efforts doubled then tripled. In the end, she had resorted to a narcotic to bring about what she desired. Out of his mind, his mentor had burst into his sanctum with death in his eyes. Screaming and foaming at the mouth he had accused him of plotting his demise. With no recourse but to defend himself he reluctantly defeated his mentor.

Grief-stricken and enraged by the waste of a mind with so much to teach him still he moved swiftly to his former mentor's room where he confronted and defeated the woman who had set it all in motion. IF he was to take his friend and mentor's place then so be it. Once her corpse was burned to ash, it was the only way to be sure she wouldn't be brought back, he relaxed and began to make arrangements. It soon became apparent to him just how much he missed the friendship of his mentor. Alone now his time was spent shoring up his position and cleaning those who served him. Even then he felt ever more vulnerable and a veritable prisoner in his golden cage. When the opportunity to go to a new world came it was like a breath of fresh air. He would be able to bring his books and most of his equipment with him.

He would be able to leave behind the constant feeling that everyone in his service and around him was simply waiting for him to show the least weakness. Leaving it all behind had been like dropping an enormous weight from his shoulders. Determined to make a clean fresh start he had left even his mentors most prized Elven slaves behind and instead bought a new one from the market. Skilled and experienced having served other masters prior he had taken the time to explain to her what he would require. He smiled as she recalled her confusion. It occurred to him later that she probably had never been asked before if she would or would not do something. The freedom it represented was intoxicating to him. It was a new place they would need to blend in with which meant a new beginning for them both.

A sigh escaped his lips in response to the sweet soothing coldness of his drink. In retrospect, it had been the best thing for them both. Here on Earth he was required to make help advance the Shadow Mage agenda. Something he complied with only reluctantly. Training the shaman and so-called Bruja had been enjoyable. Opening their eyes to the ever expanding potential of the manipulation of the Arcane Weave here. The ensuing war that it had sparked had been an acceptable outcome. It was important to measure the resistance it would incite. The losses had been minimal and the interest it inspired grew exponentially. In the compound that surrounded his estate housed thirty families with at least one set of parents showing potential. Now that some of his more experienced practitioners trained sufficiently he had more time to devote to his experiments.

A smile spread across his lips as he heard the soft brush of a barefoot on the deep pile rug of his bedroom floor. The scent of her arrived several heartbeats before her. Not bothering to turn his head from the lush garden beneath his window he reached a hand out to her as an invitation for her to join him. The soft clink of a glass as it was placed on the polished granite table that rested next to him preceded her perching gingerly on the wide arm of his chair. “Thank you my dear. I love this concoction,” he said as he glanced up at her. A furrow appeared on his brow as he regarded her. “Are yu happy her my dear? I promised you a new beginning and a fresh start. Have I made good on this promise? I … want you to tell me please. If your not happy what can I do to make it so,” he asked.

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Nov 25 2016, 10:13 PM
played by who is Offline
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Ready for review
Nov 26 2016, 08:39 AM
played by Ava who is Offline
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