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Welcome to Utopia Rising!

Welcome to Utopia Rising! Take a look around, check out the basic information of the site or chat with in the chat box below!

Disclaimer: This site is an 18+ (Mature) role playing site. You must be 18 years or older to play here. This site may contain mature content and you are responsible for the content you view.

The current year is 2019. Magic has slowly begun to return to Earth. The world is full of all sorts of magic and supernatural creatures that try to remain hidden from the world. Among these races are the Broods who struggle with the fact that many who come to know of their race come to fear them.

Now a race called the Shadow Mages have come to Earth from a world known as Utopia, of which the Broods with their mind abilities have access to alone. Slowly the evil Shadow Mages have begun to take root on Earth and with magic returning more and more everyday their power only grows.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abby Flynn-Johnson Unapproved Members 5-November 17 0
Alias Magebane Half Elf 9-February 12 5
Alieria Spellsong Brood 29-May 12 42
Angelique Kelton Brood 15-January 13 6
Ava Administrator 12-January 12 -382 View
Brood Hunter Human: Brood Hunter 13-June 13 0
Carissa Wirth Human 31-July 12 43
Chico Brood Cat 7-January 13 13
Cornelia Aurelia Martius Human: Shadow Mage 2-July 12 9
Curtis Danforth Jr. Human: Brood Hunter 20-January 13 15
Havoc OOC Account 9-February 12 -7
Kuot OOC Account 30-October 12 -139 View
Liam McCleary Brood 10-February 13 3
Liliana Spellsong-Godwin Brood 1-October 16 40
Lucky Luciano Brood Cat 13-August 12 -4
Lynea Magebane Half Elf 17-November 12 7
Matthew Buchanan Human: Brood Hunter 30-September 16 40
Quintus J Gallienus Human: Shadow Mage 25-November 16 10
Sombre Brood Cat 5-September 12 1
Takesi Kimura Brood 22-September 12 60
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